The importance of an adaptable brand identity

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The digital age has placed an even stronger emphasis on the importance of a strong brand identity (logo). This should not only be a dynamic representation of your brand but also needs to reflect current trends. It is due to this that branding has become similar to the way we treat our interiors, outdated wallpaper or ill chosen painted walls need updating to keep the look fresh and relevant, a brand’s identity should do the same.

The ‘evolution’ of brands is no more prevalent than their placement on mobile devices, in particular on social media platforms. It is increasingly important to have an identity that adapts or is specific to these placements, the internet is vast and highly competitive and attention span time is short, therefore, the more simplified a brand can appear in this space, the more it will stick with consumers.

Not only does a brand need to be quickly recognisable and engaging, it also needs to work in a wide range of settings – from appearing on a billboard to a Facebook profile image. As a result many brands are removing fussy backgrounds and graphic elements from their identities, instead placing emphasis on an icon which has often evolved from their existing brand. Care must be taken not to be too revolutionary and change too much from the previous recognised brand.

Additionally, many brands are reverting back to the simplistic use of colour (Subway, Deliveroo…) with the intention of being able to distinguish a brand from this alone. Think the turquoise of Deliveroo or the orange of B&Q.

Netflix recently revealed a new “N” icon, not to replace its existing logo but to be used alongside it. The new 3D ribbon in the company’s brand red icon is a bolder and stripped back identity for its presence on mobile device screens and social media profiles.

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Subway has also revealed a new logo and symbol, to give the brand “a fresh, contemporary look” with the colours “optimised to live and work across all channels.” The icon “distills the arrows into a simple mark,” giving the brand a smaller icon for better use in social media. It also continues the use of the Subway arrows, which are combined for Subway’s new “S” symbol.

Recently, In The White Room developed a brand icon for Gemini Tiles to be used across all of its newly created social media platforms. As well as an update to the existing brand identity the creative team created an icon that is eye-catching as well as easily recognisable. The new icon can be adapted to complement current trends and lifestyle photography through changing colour themes whilst remaining true to the brand.

Check out our Brand & Marketing section to see our latest branding projects and how we might be able to make your brand social media savvy.

Published by December 13, 2017 6:21 pm


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