Ultra Violet: Pantone’s Colour Of The Year 2018

ultra violet

Image credit: Pantone

Ultra Violet: Pantone’s Colour Of The Year 2018

As one of the leading voices for colour authority in interiors, Pantone’s colour of the year is always an eagerly anticipated event in the design world. Moving on from 2017’s selection of Greenery, which captured the need for personal connections to the nature world around us, Ultra Violet looks deep into the stars and skies above for inspiration.

The rich shade of Ultra Violet purple features a cool blue undertone, reminiscent of the Milky Way and many mysteries of the cosmos. From exploring complex innovations that realise the impossible, to the concept of everyday space travel growing ever closer, Ultra Violet captures a sense of future expression.

A bold and decadent tone that exudes colour confidence, Ultra Violet is a dream if you’re looking to make a statement and capture a hint of otherworldly wonder. As a tricky tone to apply to interiors, Pantone have released a series of 8 colour palettes that use Ultra Violet amongst a range of different colour combinations to inspire your creativity. From the tonal, pastel palette of Floral Fantasies to the rich saturation of Drama Queen and warm, cosy tones of Quietude, Pantone reveal the diverse and sumptuous moods that Ultra Violet can help to create.

Keep scrolling to discover a few of our favourites, collaged amongst inspirational imagery sourced from our clients and the wonderful world of pinterest…


Drama Queen

‘An unusual combination of show-stopping saturated color with rich and elegant earth tones creates an adventurous mood full of excitement and drama.’ Pantone

Drama Queen


Image credits: Supplies4HeatBrit + Co, Gerald Culliford Marinace Verde, Benjamin Moore Golden Retriever & Crushed Berries, Pantone


Floral Fantasies

‘Inspired by the colors we see in our surroundings, a combination of soft and sweet pastels with an enchanting Ultra Violet and a deep, dark navy Astral Aura conjures up a summer garden in full bloom.’ Pantone


Image credits: Pantone, Benjamin Moore Silver Marlin, Gemini Tiles Reflections, John Lewis of Hungerford Pure Kitchen in Lavender White, Lite Craft, Mood Collections Blissful Mood



‘Soft and warm, a subtle palette of natural and organic shades accented by a Frosted Almond metallic evokes reassurance and conveys a sense of calm and quiet.’ Pantone


Image credits: Pantone, Apartment Therapy, Harvey Maria Check by Neisha Crosland in Camomile, John Lewis of Hungerford Pure Kitchen in Coralline, Benjamin Moore Shadow, Paradise & Pottery


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