Creator Marketing: What’s it all about?

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We are sure you have all heard about using influencers to promote new products and brands (if not where have you been…?) but have you heard about creator content and the benefits of using it in your advertising?

The digital world is changing so rapidly and the future of advertising is all about trying new things, letting go of old habits on social media and most importantly being brave! Trust us when we say it really does pay off!

Who are ‘Creators’?

Now onto the main topic, using creators to help increase your brand’s social awareness! What is the difference between creators and influencers we hear you asking…? Well, LOTS is the short answer!

Creators do just that – they create! Their content is authentic and relatable, and extremely valuable to your brand. The difference between a creator and an influencer is when influencers advertise, it is solely because a product has been gifted (how many times have you seen celebrities posting about a random product in a one-off post?). Consumers have become increasingly savvy and have become much more likely to respond to a brand if the content is more authentic. Subconsciously, they will have more loyalty to brands that use creators and their talent to promote a product or service in a more organic way.

Don’t get us wrong… there is still a big market for influencers you just need to know when to use them!

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Creator Content

Creators help to tell a story about the product by using fun video content which their followers connect with, which therefore helps the brand become more likeable and approachable. 

Don’t worry if you don’t have the budget or skills to create amazing transition videos, as that is exactly what the creators will do for you! Allowing the creators to make the content for you will give you a wide variety of videos you can use to promote your brand which then appeals to different audiences. Sometimes it is arguably better as they will come up with ideas you would never have thought of for your own brand.

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Brands Need to Play the Long Game

The key to utilising creators is to keep them engaged with your brand and use them repeatedly to build a strong connection – between both the brand and the creator and the brand and their followers. This will ensure your creators and their audience remain engaged on a more long term basis and will drive new people to your page from different areas and interests.

One last thing to remember – creators extend further than just Instagram! Think about other platforms such as TikTok and YouTube as well. The key to your brand posting fun and engaging content is to be confident, this will make the brand shine! Just remember the content does not need to be perfect and completely polished, it just has to be real and relatable.

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