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If you’re a business today, chances are that you’ll have a presence on social media in some way. No matter what size your business is, or what type of service you run or product you sell, social media is invaluable to those who use it and use it well. Used in the right way, social media can be your most important marketing tool. It’s more than just likes and follows, it’s about working to set objectives and ensuring your social media campaigns deliver the results you’re looking for.

Here at In The White Room, we take great care in ensuring all of our social media campaigns are tailored to each client’s objectives and goals. From generating sales, driving online traffic and increasing brand awareness, our team of digital experts will work hard to ensure your brand gets the most out of social media.

Here are just a few examples of results we have achieved for a handful of clients.

Increasing brand awareness through social media

With no brand awareness in the UK, we have grown ROM’s social media from scratch since 2015. Through tailored campaigns across a number of different platforms, fast forward 3 years and ROM’s brand searches are up to 2,500 a month on Google, a direct result of the investment and activity that has been put into social media. In fact, in 2018 our results showed that 30% of ROM’s website traffic now comes directly from social media, demonstrating that the campaign has successfully reached the company’s target audience, directing quality traffic and increasing brand awareness with the right people.

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Driving quality traffic to your website

When it works, it really does work. Driving traffic to your website is one of the most common and more important objectives that forms part of social media campaigns. Whether it’s directing people to a ‘where to buy’ page, retargeting an engaged audience or driving people to an e-commerce platform, well-managed clicks-to-website adverts through social media can generate some amazing results. It’s not just a matter of clicking a few buttons and ticking a few boxes though – our team works hard to create tailored target audiences that are suited to each brand and every advert is then monitored on a daily basis to ensure it is performing as effectively as possible. Having never invested in social media before, our client Arada Stoves has seen some exceptional results through social media advertising. Using inspirational photography and specially created content, at the end of the first year of the campaign we achieved 59,925 link clicks to the website, 17,476 visits to the ‘where to buy page’ and a reach of over 2 million people!

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Generating sales and quality enquiries

Each platform has its own strength. A key part of running a successful social media campaign is understanding which platforms will work best for your brand and help you generate sales and quality leads. If we had a penny for every time a client said to us “We tried advertising on social media, but it didn’t work”… this is where proper planning, strategy and expertise comes in to play. Our teams are experts in the interiors industry, not just within a specific area either. We’ve worked with a broad range of brands from high-end luxury furniture companies to family startups and global e-commerce sites. It’s thanks to this experience that our knowledge is second-to-none and we know what works for different types of brands across which platforms. Creators of luxury bespoke wardrobes, The Heritage Wardrobe Company had all but discounted Instagram as a valuable marketing and sales tool before they worked with us. A few months into their social media campaign, it is their most engaged and successful platform, securing 34 quality sales enquiries in a single month, all through Instagram.

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Increasing followers on social media

Whilst it’s not all about gaining that ‘K’ on the end of your follower numbers, growing your audience should always form part of your social media campaign. The key is making sure you are building a following that is truly interested in your brand and engaged in your content. These are the people that will remain loyal and won’t simply ‘unfollow’ within days. There are a number of ways to increase your followers in a strategic way, including running competitions. Working in collaboration with like-minded companies to give away a worthwhile prize will help you to reach a broader target audience and in return grow your following. As part of a collaborative Instagram competition, our client Darlings of Chelsea saw follower numbers increase by 3,395 in just one week! One of our most successful growth campaigns ever, Darlings of Chelsea’s Instagram followers have grown from 7k to over 20k in just over 6 months.

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Social media is a complex but extremely effective marketing tool, if used in the right way. It all starts with planning, setting your objectives and developing a strategy that will deliver the results you’re looking for. If you’re keen to find out how you could be getting more out of your social media, get in touch! You can call us for a chat on 01892 511 867 send an email or visit our main website to submit and enquiry form.

Published by March 21, 2021 3:16 pm


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