How to Humanise Your Brand


As consumers, we are constantly being targeted through sponsored adverts and curated campaigns with ‘Like Page’ and ‘Learn More’ buttons repeatedly fighting for our attention for that all important purchase intent.

Ensure you stand out and enhance your online presence by being creative when curating your content, use digital influencers and implement powerful analytics tools.

Connecting with your Audience

Engaging in conversations and creating content that speaks to your digital followers adds a non-intrusive voice to your brand. What do you want users to get from following you on social media? Defining your values is key as you are speaking to the individual – are you showing you’re on trend, giving advice, inspiration? Keeping up to date with what’s in Vogue online is a vital and effective way of showing you’re in the know, affiliating with similar minded influencers will encourage your followers to trust your way of thinking whilst also engaging in your content.

Digital Influencers

Using digital influencers plays a key part in connecting to your audience, you are adding a ‘middle man’ between your business and the consumer. An influencer is a like-minded individual who speaks to an audience in a personalized and organic manner. You are introducing the human factor that then connects you to an array of different demographics, not only does a digital influencer enable brand awareness, they are a valuable tool in generating sales.

Making the Most out of your Analytics

Utilizing analytics tools provides an extensive knowledge of who is interacting with your media, enabling you to target the right audience in the right channels. A video may be attracting an older audience on Facebook, whilst a text-only advert is more appealing to the same audience on Twitter. Generating targeted campaigns using multiple creatives helps to market your brand to varied demographics, analytics then supply a record of who is responding to what and when, enabling you to curate specific targeting techniques.

Published by September 20, 2016 10:07 am


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