How Instagram Ranks Feed Posts In 2023

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Welcome to the world of Instagram, where influencers and memes combine with your friends’ stories and sponsored brand ads. It’s wild out there, so how does Instagram really rank your feed content in 2023? 

Turns out there are different algorithms for each element in the app. From the home feed and stories to the explore tab and reels, we’ve put together a series of blog posts to help you discover and navigate how the algorithm works on Instagram! Starting with where you do most of your scrolling… 

Your home feed

Ahhh the Instagram home feed – a hyper-personalised melting pot of content from friends, family, accounts you follow and suggested accounts. But how does it work? Well, according to Adam Mosseri’s latest blog, the most important “signal” is your activity. What you’ve interacted with, people you follow, formats you prefer and whether you’re using phone or desktop become an integral part of Instagram deciding what you’ll see. Struggling to see what you want in your feed? Go and interact with things you like to fine tune your home feed, or better yet, hide things you don’t want to see. 

Next up is information about the post, how many people have liked it, shared it, commented on it – you get the picture! This is crucial for brands as increased initial engagement = a higher position on people’s feeds. Think creatively to hook people in with your content and drive engagement through captions that ask questions and encourage comments, just like this fun post we curated for our client CTD Tiles that asks people how they have their cuppa. 

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This leads us nicely onto the next way Instagram ranks feed content, which is through information on the account that’s posted. How often do you comment on that account? Do they comment back? How regularly do you like their posts? It all helps Instagram discover what you would like to see and how interesting that account might be to you. Note for brands, this is why it’s always important to keep the conversation going with people that comment on your posts. The more communication you have with people, the more likely you are to show up in their feeds.

Once everything is taken into account, Instagram has a set of predictions on how likely you are to interact with the post. The more likely you are to take an action, the higher up in your feed you’ll see the post. Simple, eh?

Here are 3 things to remember to get your posts ranked higher in feeds:

❤️ Find and interact with things you love

😍 Think engagement, engagement, engagement – what will your audience love to see and interact with?

👫 Get social with influencers, customers and brands to show up where it matters

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