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Instagram has become the place to go whether you’re looking to find new boutiques or gain inspiration for decorating your home. On this social media platform you’ll find the very first previews of new launches, upcoming trends and the homes of influencers across the country. Despite its growing importance in the interiors industry, the secrets for perfecting your grid and building up an engaging following remain a bit of an enigma. With that in mind, we’ve got in touch with a few of our favourite interior Instagram accounts to discover some of the secrets to their success…



Swoonworthy – Kimberly Duran

The Swoonworthy Instagram is one for interior maximalists everywhere and the ultimate inspiration for braving a bolder look in your home with pattern, colour and glamour! From her creative DIY projects to displays that perfectly create a unique sense of style, Kimberly’s profile is full of ideas to steal in your own home.

Lucky for us, Kimberly has shared her tips on growing your Instagram following and engagement with us:

‘I’ve always noticed that the pictures that catch my eye when I’m scrolling through my feed are those with a good balance of light and dark. Often I also find the posts that do well on my own feed generally have some kind of contrast within them. One of the best ways to boost a post’s engagement is to comment and like other Instagram users’ images as soon as you post a new image on your own feed. There’s something about Instagram’s algorithm that picks up your activity and so if you post and then start sharing the love around Instagram almost immediately, you’ll find your post is more likely to be seen in your followers’ feeds as well!’ Kimberly Duran, Swoonworthy

For more insider info, check out Kimberly’s blog post looking at this in more detail!


french instagram

French for Pineapple – Bianca Hall

Bianca is a self-confessed interiors obsessive who loves to redecorate. As a result the French for Pineapple Instagram is full of incredible inspiration if you’re looking to redecorate or refresh areas of your home. She shares everything from the rooms of her own beautifully designed home to other interiors across the globe that will inspire and amaze!

Bianca has also kindly let us in on some of the secrets to her Instagram success:

‘On my Instagram I post a mixture of my own images and beautiful interiors I’ve found online, which importantly, I ALWAYS credit properly. I’m a bit of a control freak so I tend never to post any images I’ve taken on my phone on my main grid. I shoot on my Olympus Pen and edit in Photoshop. I know – not very instant! My followers tend to like wide shots of inspirational rooms – not tight shots, vignettes, or product shots so I focus more on these with detail shots in-between to keep a balance.’ Bianca Hall, French for Pineapple


Copperline Instagram

Copperline – Fiona Reid

For a look at the latest trends head over to Copperline’s Instagram to discover the beautiful imagery that Fiona comes across in her life as a blogger and interiors journalist. Expect to see stunning architecture alongside inspiring interiors from a range of sources and details of exceptional design. For those equally as obsessed with animals as interiors, you must check out @theworldaccordingtoharris, which follows the life of Fiona’s miniature dachshund Harris!

Fiona talks us through what makes it onto her grid, as well as her tips for perfecting the images on Harris’s account:

‘The photos I feature on the Instagram for my blog Copperline are guided by the blog posts. When I’m choosing which image to feature, I’m looking for the most impactful one, which might be a great detail rather than a whole room shot and always aim for a consistent tone across the images where possible. Ideally I want someone to be able to visit the profile and get an idea of what this Instagram is about from the first 12 images or so. People can make a decision as soon as they tap on your profile, so I try to be mindful of that. Above all, it has to feel interesting and lively!

Photographing my wirehaired dachshund Harris is by far my favourite thing to do! I mostly shoot on my iPhone 7 Plus, and 99% of the time in Portrait mode, which gives a lovely depth of field effect. I very rarely post anything square – I want to fill the phone screen, so compose shots with this in mind, and always try to work in natural light. There are apps I swear by including SKRWT, Photoshop Fix and VSCO. I don’t want photos to look ‘edited’, so I’m only ever applying a hint of a filter or using very small adjustments in sharpness, clarity, exposure and saturation. Stories is also an integral part of how I use Instagram for Harris as people get to see the fun bits!’ Fiona Reid, Copperline & The World According to Harris

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