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I’m sure you have probably guessed this, but everyone here at In The White Room loves interior design, so much so we created an in-house interiors platform called @livforinteriors. LIV for Interiors is a source for design inspiration, a place to showcase the latest trends and a place to catch up with the latest home décor influencers. Our aim is to help make readers’ homes beautiful and we provide some lifestyle tips along the way too! We feel it is important for us to stay ahead of the trends and we use our LIV social platforms as an extra tool to do this.

LIV Instagram & Facebook

LIV For Interiors’ Instagram has become a hub for all things to do with the home, and we feature the top interiors influencers on the platform every 2 weeks. This allows the creators to showcase their very own homes and style. By doing this, our hub of influencers is forever growing.

LIV’s Instagram page now has over 14.8k loyal followers, and the Facebook page has a growing audience of over 30k followers!

We also utilise the platforms to help increase brand awareness for many of our clients. We have previously run competitions on the LIV pages in collaboration with our clients to help grow their followers, and can also use the site to share product news, trends and inspirational imagery, which increases their brand’s exposure, awareness and social following too. As LIV showcases the latest trends, we always have our clients in mind and will tie in their photos if they match up with the trends!Untitled design

LIV Pinterest

We are so pleased that LIV is now classed as a ‘Pinfluencer’ on Pinterest as we have 5-10 million monthly unique viewers, with over 98 million impressions and an amazing total audience of 36.5 million this year!

Our Pinterest account has everything you need to see about the latest interior trends! If you are ever stuck on how or what to style, just head over to our Pinterest page – we promise you won’t be disappointed!Untitled design copy
LIV Blog

Much like all our other platforms our blog informs readers all about the latest interior design trends and is packed full of shopping guides and tips and tricks on how to achieve certain looks in your home. With a domain authority of 25, we also love to include trackable link-backs for our clients where possible, which has great benefits for SEO.

Our LIV Chats To… feature asks our influencers 10 questions about their home, so our readers can get to know them and their style that little bit better!Untitled designBloggers LIV has worked with:

@end_of_the_row (228k followers)

@manwithahammer (122k followers)

@louiseroehome (122k followers)

@iamhayleystuart (69.1k followers)

@oakappledecor (69k followers)

@househomo (50.8k followers)

@mo.and.the.jungle.shelf (43.5k followers)

A few of the brands LIV have worked with:

-Sonos Hay




-The French Bedroom Company

If you are interested at all in interiors and the latest décor trends then head over to @livforinteriors social pages to keep up to date!

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