Why You Shouldn’t Forget About TikTok in Interiors Marketing

Do you think your audience is too old for TikTok? Or don’t think your interiors business would work on the platform? You might want to think again! Over 67% of users of TikTok are actually over 27 years old and over 35% fall into the 35+ age bracket *, making it an ideal platform to target your audience in a fun and creative way.

Why Use TikTok?

TikTok is designed to discover new videos, products and services. It’s a space on the internet people come to look for and find joy and most importantly it’s built for creativity. If you haven’t already moved your business onto TikTok let us tell you a few reasons why you should:

– New and creative adverts are shown to your audience.

– It’s a ‘sound on’ platform, meaning the sound that is used plays a vital part in the video.

– The videos that are shown on a ‘for you’ page are personal to what the user is searching for, meaning your adverts and videos will be put in front of the relevant audience.

– Most importantly, it is a participatory platform – encouraging everyone to interact with your videos and therefore the platform becomes personal to your customers.


Interiors Trends on TikTok

Don’t worry we are not going to tell you to learn a dance… but by all means go ahead!


Home décor plays a big role on TikTok, with its new name ‘HomeTok’ currently trending. Just to prove to you that interiors marketing can work on the platform, 64.5% of users describe themselves as home and lifestyle enthusiasts with over 6 billion monthly views* on home related hashtags. So, with that being said, it is clear that it is the perfect place to engage with home décor fans.

HomeTok users come to the platform for inspiration, with 83% of users saying that TikTok played a role in their purchase decisions*, and no, we know what you are thinking, it’s not just small home accessories! The top products that users have purchased are:

– Beds

– Garden Furniture

– Irons

– Sofas

How To Be Creative and Professional

The main reason TikTok videos go viral is because users have the opportunity to jump on trends, meaning they feel connected to the brand. Videos that are on TikTok are not like other videos you will be using on social platforms, they need to be fun and personal, think about exploring your brand narrative in a different way.

Our top tips to creating successful videos are:

– Be natural, the videos do not need to be perfect and over-produced!

– Stretch yourself, think about how your business can jump on trends.

– Tap into your brand’s subcultures by using relevant music and cultural memes.

– Most importantly, don’t make adverts, make TikToks!

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If you need help with your brand’s TikTok or would like to know more about the social platform, get in touch with us today.

* TikTok Data – https://pressloft.us4.list-manage.com/track/click?u=2fc9500d8361e6bf6b516067c&id=4b976a9a41&e=8541da8234 

Published by September 23, 2021 4:25 pm


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