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Social media offers the perfect opportunity to have an interactive, creative hub that sits between your brand and the end consumer. An online space and essential marketing tool, your social media platforms are where your brand’s personality engages with potential customers through captivating content and a unique brand ‘voice’. It gives you the opportunity to be far more creative with digital trends, using tools such as Boomerang or stop frame animation, for example, that you perhaps wouldn’t use on your website.

Marks & Spencer sets an example with its combination of informative content, interactive visuals and engaging language across all its social media platforms. The brand’s social media presence projects the lifestyle and tone of the company message, whilst leaving its website for the more informative details and end purchases (the “nitty gritty”).

Check out this M&S Christmas stop frame animation and this M&S Rain Or Shine example of how social media material can differ from website content.

If you’re looking to give your social presence a bit of va-va-voom, building up an audience is key! Day-to-day content posted across your social media platforms will organically reach a small percentage of ‘fans’ or followers on your page, only 2% according to Locowise! However, to maximise your exposure and build upon brand awareness, paid-for content allows you to ensure your brand is always in front of the right people at the right time. Social Media Marketing enables you to reach out to new people by placing your brand in front of a wider and larger audience whilst still connecting to the current page fans. By posting engaging content and also using your social media platforms as a customer service tool, you’re encouraging interaction and a back-and-fourth between consumer and brand. This will allow you to easily communicate and build relationships with your customers.

Check out these examples of social media content produced by In The White Room for two of our clients, Nöa & Nani and Lundhs.

By running different marketing objectives on social media, your brand can be accessible to a number of people nationwide. From boosted posts, objective campaigns (brand awareness, clicks to website etc.) and paid reach, traffic and engagement activity, there are numerous ways to make sure your brand is reaching all the right people. All you need is specific marketing objectives and a clear understanding of who you want to target and you can attract people to your website and online channels.

Here at In The White Room, we run campaigns to target the right people with the right marketing objective to make your brand the crème de la crème on social. We will carry out your desired campaign goals using and promoting engaging, bold and specially created content!

See some of our work here –

If you’re looking for help with your brand’s social media and online marketing, please do get in touch.  You can call us for a chat on 01892 511867, send an email or visit our main website to submit an enquiry form.

Published by April 11, 2020 1:10 pm


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