Why Visual Platforms are so Important


Using text-centric platforms such as Facebook and Twitter is a staple for your brand’s online presence, but driving traffic to your site through visual discovery is key.

Image focused networks such as Instagram and Pinterest are not only for trend and inspiration profiles, but are hugely successful yet understated tools for driving traffic and raising awareness to your brand. Instagram’s monthly active user count has grown to over 400 million since September 2015, and 88% of Pinterest’s 176 million users buy a product they’ve pinned. Visual content is more than 40X more likely to get shared on social media than other types of content which is why using visual assets as a core to your marketing strategy is vital.

Utilizing different platforms to support your brand image can vary in interactivity and engagement. Whilst Facebook and Twitter are information hubs ideal for updates and targeted advertising, Pinterest and Instagram enable you to be creative through aesthetic display. Following its huge success in the US, In April this year Pinterest released Promoted Pins in the UK. With 75% of all Pinterest Pins coming from businesses and Pinners saving 3million pins daily in the UK alone, the platform is vastly becoming the natural partner for interior brands.

Visually led sites enable you to affiliate with like-minded brands; re-pinning, liking and sharing with who’s hot on social shows that you are in the know with what’s currently trending, as well as building relationships for return interest. Introducing digital influencers to your campaigns creates a conversation with their demographic on behalf of your brand e.g in a form of a ‘take-over’, as well as specific campaigns is a hugely successful marketing tool that opens discussions and heightens engagement.

Published by September 20, 2016 10:25 am


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