A Day at Clerkenwell

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Clerkenwell Design Festival is a must see if you’re an interior design lover! Spread across the design hub of London, surrounded by green spaces and quaint cafes, it’s the perfect place to see the latest design trends and launches.


Design Fields

 Our first stop was the Conversation tent for the WGSN interiors trend talk, giving us the lowdown on the latest up and coming trends! Armed with the latest knowledge of all things colour, texture and design, we popped into Design Fields.

Filled to the brim with gorgeously designed furniture wrapped in swathes of on-trend fabrics, Design Fields offered a great start to the day and really got our creative juices going.



 Next up was Platform. Set in an old Victorian detention house, down some steep steps you arrive in an underground chamber. Once there each room offers you a new experience. From MySlouch glow-in-the-dark lights to Claire Potter’s sustainable lighting made from waste marine plastics!



 From the darkness of Platform, Project offers you all things light and bright. Surrounded by green outdoor space, you can flit between the tents offering new textile designs and furniture, to the Scale Rule Pavilion and TiiPii canopies.



 Tucked away in the crypt of a church, Detail is a hidden gem. Amongst the tombs lie mirrors rooms, concealed beds and the masterful carvings of Michael Northcroft.


 Icon House of Culture

The last stop of the day was the Icon House of Culture. In the depths of a nightclub, dark corners were lit up with the latest lighting innovations. A particular highlight was Bang and Olufsen’s installation. Showcasing their incredible design and acoustic skill, the room was lit up by a structure that changed strength depending on the music. Not to be missed!


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Published by May 30, 2017 12:09 pm


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