A Journey through Colour in Interiors


House & Garden in Conversation with William Yeoward

As part of our trip to London Design Festival, we headed to Chelsea Design Harbour for a talk exploring the beautiful interiors in William Yeoward’s latest book Blue & White, hosted by House & Garden. As one of the leading creative forces when it comes to interiors, Yeoward is renowned for his timelessly elegant sense of style whether applied to his interior design projects or collection of unique products for the home.

As the name suggests, the latest book looks to the classic combination of blue and white in interiors and the wealth of style diversity that can be achieved. Blue happens to be the biggest colour of the universe with the colour spectrum varying from pale sky blue to rich indigo and the deepest tone of navy.


William Yeowald 1

Photo Credits: Ryland Peters & Small & CICO Books

With such a versatile hue, Yeoward revealed a few of his design tips for keeping the colour balanced and fresh, as well as the importance of considering subtle changes over time to bring the look up to date. The first is to be confident with your application of colour and consider using different shades within the same space to create a rich tapestry of varying tones for different effect. Choose the shade of colour carefully to work within the desired space, whether you need a cosy corner or light and airy feel. If you’re feeling a little nervous to pick up the paintbrush and paint the walls in vivid blue, think about introducing colour through items that can be changed and removed, such as artwork, ceramics, furniture, rugs, etc.

As well as the classic pairing of white and blue, Yeoward also explored other colour combinations that he’s found to be a success, including accents of red amongst blue and white for warmth, red with orange for a bold earthy look, Ochre and green to reflect the countryside and last but not least, pink and grey for soft elegance.


Photo Credit: Elizabeth Stanhope


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