COLOUR TREND: Don’t Make Me Blush…


Although our thoughts are firmly fixated on a new season of colour trends, we can’t help but lust after one of last year’s colour crushes – blush – just a little bit! This muted pink tone is surprisingly versatile in the home; with it’s invitingly warm hue and pretty rose twist. Paired with luxurious touches of tarnished copper, pale wood and crisp white surfaces, it’s guaranteed to add a touch of romance to interiors without being overtly feminine. Part of this colour’s continued success lies in its versatility: it’s very hard to get it wrong so don’t be afraid to experiment. By adding a subtle dash of blush to your room scheme with careful accessorising, through cushions, vases or textiles, you can introduce both lightness and warmth into the space, which in turn means that it works just as well for the colder months as it does for spring/summer. This pretty palette also looks effective when used on large expanses of wall and on key items such as sofas and painted furniture.

This year we saw interiors make a move away from the cooler colour trends of recent years and instead choose to embrace warmer tones in the colour spectrum. Blush has made way for a new direction of scorched earth tones, with 2016 set to be a hot year for colour. Tinged with subtle metallic undertones, expect to see gutsy baked clays, deep burnt sand and rich earthy yellows starting to make an impact on both our wardrobes and interior choices.



Published by November 4, 2015 10:01 am


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