Colour Trend: New Year, New Palette


With 2014 neatly rounded off in a flurry of mince pies and champagne, a new season of colour has started to emerge from the creative woodwork, set to ignite interior spaces for a new year. Drawing our attention away from the grey and candy pastel hues of 2014, we look forward to embracing a fresh colour palette that offers a sense of playfulness and adventure. During our annual visit to the Decorex International show at its new site in the beautiful grounds of Syon Park, West London, we headed along to Mix Magazine’s colour trend seminar, which has always been the ‘event du jour’ for creative types and colour obsessives! Presented by Global Color Research’s Trend Consultant Sally Davies, we were presented with an inspiring and comprehensive foresight into the colour and texture trends for 2015/2016, which promised a new and exciting generation of palettes. A favourite of ours was the Remote trend story, which saw a regression back to the homely and hand-made with influences from the palette of a rural and calming landscape. These included earthy tones such as rusty pink, deep brown and ochre yellow that worked well alongside the chalky blue/green tones. The result is youthful and energising, with a usable mixture of soft, mellow tones alongside the more bold and dramatic. This is a collaboration of colours that can either be taken to the extreme in interior spaces (if you’re brave), or subtly adopted in highlights through accessories or paint finishes.



Published by January 15, 2015 3:17 pm


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