Lundhs: Norway’s Finest Natural Stone Specialists


Norwegian natural stone specialist, Lundhs, is the latest client to be added to our portfolio and we couldn’t be more pleased to be working for this exciting and reputable company.

Combining unrivalled workmanship, centuries of knowledge and one of the world’s strongest and unique natural materials, Lundhs has cemented its reputation as a leading provider of 100% real stone, supplying its exceptional Larvikite and Anorthosite kitchen worktop materials to customers around the globe.

Crafted by nature, 300 million years ago, Lundhs produces some of the world’s most unique and exquisite natural stone. Boasting from high heat, water, scratch, UV and stain resistance and minimal maintenance, Lundhs Real Stone is available in four different materials and two distinct surface finishes.

A complex blend of beautiful feldspar crystals, each piece of rock is completely unique with its own individual fingerprint. The product of minerals melting and mixing under extreme heat millions of years ago, Larvik is the only place in the world where Larvikite can be found. A stunning dark brown background scattered with clear blue crystals, the Lundhs Antique Anorthosite is sourced from the west of Norway. Each Lundhs Real Stone is delivered with a certificate of authenticity, stating the origin of the stone and leaving customers with their own unique piece of Norway.


Steeped in family history, the Lundhs name upholds more than a century of quarrying tradition in Larvik, Norway. Following in his grandfather Alfred’s footsteps, Thor Lundh founded Lundhs in 1962 and over fifty years later, Norway’s leading exporter of natural stone is still family owned with Thor’s grandson Thor-Anders Lundh Haakestad at the helm as CEO.

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Published by October 10, 2016 12:35 pm


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