The Future of Interiors: Interior Trends for 2017/18

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As part of our exploration of Clerkenwell Design Week, we headed to a talk hosted by WGSN and Eporta to discover their predictions for the latest interior trends we’ll be seeing throughout 2017 /18.

Natural Connection

Nature and a deeper connection to the natural world continue to be as relevant as ever in the trend predictions. With technology and the influence of the digital world in our lives increasing, a desire to find an authentic connection to nature in the décor of our homes is particularly important. From botanical trends exploring patterns of single stem plants and greenery to geological material influences from the depths of the earth, the trend for nature has evolved to also consider looking into the night sky. The mystery of space continues to captivate us and with technology advances making commercial space travel the not so distant future, the interiors world is looking to the stars and cosmology as a progression of the natural trend.


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Pastel Pops

The Pastel Pops trend combines the hugely successful Memphis aesthetic with the millennial pink revolution and consumer desire for tinted terrazzo concrete. These influences create a modern take on pastels in the home and are even predicted to emerge into the workspace as the new generation of workforce (defined as the freelance generation) encourage a more communal and domestic work environment. In the era of Airbnb where a home can be created wherever we go, soft materials and curves as well as colours more suited to our personal homes are becoming an exciting trend to be brought into the office!

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Back to Basics

There has been a recent shift in our opinion of urban living with a 6% rise in the population moving outside of cities around the country as our desire for locality and community strengthens. Alongside this, we’re seeing an introduction of the urban pastoral with sky gardens popping up around the globe. As part of the back to basics trend, more importance is placed on the maker and their story in our interiors. Local crafts will be embraced as well as rustic wood, hand-woven textures and imperfections within design. You can also expect to see the resurgence of the country kitchen with shaker styles and ditsy floral patterns on-trend once more.


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Visceral Design

The Visceral trend explores defining strong connections with the objects around us, especially when it comes to our interiors. Products are designed to evoke a loose sense of time and place whilst creating an ambiance that allows us to connect with the moment we’re in. Velvet is a strong part of this trend with the soft sensory fabric providing comforting luxury and being used as a wider focus on soft seating where cocoon and immersive sculptural shape designs are arising. The trend also sees metals in warm finishes combined with textured materials as well as designs that appear to defy gravity or reflect fragility in response to a need for balance in uncertain times.


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