Walking in Memphis – A New Era of Interiors


With a new year fast approaching, it’s time to shake off the old and start looking forward to a new era of memphis-inspired interior trends. Whilst 2015 has exposed our interiors to a plethora of style directions – alongside a smattering of ‘micro-trends’ which came and went faster than we could say ‘Ikea Trip!’ – it appears that the popularity of the understated and pared-back scheme is quickly being usurped by a certain iconic 80s look. Making a resurgence for 2016, the Memphis movement has been aptly described by London’s Design Museum as an ‘exuberant two-fingered salute to the design establishment after years in which colour and decoration had been taboo’ and has started to take the creative world by storm…again!




Creating a stir in all circles of design, from haute couture fashion to product conception, Memphis is defined by its rebellious combination of block shapes, kitsch motifs and gaudy colours, reminiscent of 1950s graphic comic books.  It’s a refreshing escape from the conformity and utilitarianism of everyday life, encouraging us to be more playful and experimental with our homes and design choices in general. Clashing tones and garish combinations are not an issue when decorating the Memphis way, and mismatching is positively encouraged! The result is definitely not one for advocates of minimal décor, with a surprisingly usable mixture of lively colours alongside graphic prints, which can be worked as much or as little as your interior can handle!


Published by September 8, 2015 3:01 pm


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